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Locking Grover Pics


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Hello All,


I changed my tuners to locking Grovers and I took some pics.

It's real easy, took about an hour.



Here are the originals




Use a 10 mm wrench.






New Tuners In Box




Be careful with the small Phillips. Don't scratch the finish!!




New Tuners almost in!!




Strung up in about an hour. Just cut the ends off.



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I'll answer both questions.

The old tuners were Grover Rotomatics. Actually the guitar was new in November of last year.

The new tuners cost me 85 Canadian dollars plus tax at Long & McQuade.


The camera is a Fuji S2000 HD.

I set it for close up work and these are the results.

I was holding the camera with one hand and holding the screwdriver with the other in one of the pics.

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+1 on the pics, looks nice.


Stew/Mac has the chrome full size locking rotomatics for $62.50, ($72.19 for gold) + shipping although they may be backordered:




There's more than one type of locking Grovers, although the thumbwheel versions seem to be the most popular.

S/M appears to have an exclusive on that paricular model (at least in the states), SW, MF and the others I've looked at don't seem to carry them.

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I looked around online but couldn't find what I needed. In Canada it seems as if Grover

keeps a tight rein on who sells their tuners.

Actually it was good that I could look at a set to see if it would fit. They were silver, and the gold had to be ordered, but I could see that they fit.

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