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Casinos old and new


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I posted a few days ago about getting another Casino after selling the one I had. There were some differences in the appearance between the two and the missing ingredient in the post was pictures. Here they are.


The old one:






The new one:






The old one was sold as a late 90s Korean. No serial number and no inner label. The new one has a label and the serial number has it as a Korean Peerless factory Limited Edition (with Bigsby).



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They're both nice' date=' but I like the 'burst on the old one better. Of course the Bigsby on the new one is a plus. But how do they compare soundwise?[/quote']


I liked the redder burst on the old one better until I saw the new one in the kind of light I took the photos in, it's subtler but richer for all that, I think.


I thought the Bigsby would go through the top, the things seem so shell like but, nope, it's great, does just what I like whammy bars to do, add a slight but definite shimmer to a note or chord.


The sound of the new one is creamier. The old one always took a little extra thought through my Blues Junior to address the tinniness of the high end (I dialled mids in). This one doesn't need it, very filled-out tone. I'd liken it to a darker Jazzmaster tone, a perfect complement to my Tele.



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