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Thunderbird pickups

Stephen Spray

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Ok, I have recently purchased a korean made (2003) Thunderbird bass second hand.

just getting used to its quirky balance and feel, but really starting to like it.

However, there appears to be very little output from the Humbucker pups, I can almost play it at home through my Ashdown 180w bass amp at full tillt!

My Peavey BX4 I can only play at about 1/4 volume for the same output of sound.

Also is a lot "duller sounding"

Being new to this, perhaps this is the attraction of these basses, "The Character" LOL.

Anyway, is it possible to replace the pups with something with a little more output, as used it at a jam this week, and had their amp full up and could only just hear myself in the mix.

If it is, can anyone suggest a good choice to use. I am an electrical Tech by trade, so the wiring should not be a challenge.

All thoughts appreciated.


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