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uh oh.. non epi


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I made a decision.


I had played some fender acoustics in guitar center..

and they were pretty nice.. though lower priced than what I was looking for.


but they impressed me... they didn't seem to have suffered the roller coaster neck problem

so many others there had.. costing a lot more.



I Sweetwatered myself a Fender .. I think it's called a CD140 CE..

solid topped.. cutaway. fishman electronics.


it may not be in stock.. I'm waiting to find out.

If it isn't.

then I'm going to go for the Dove.




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Congrats Twang. Hope you enjoy the new guitar and its even nicer coming out cheaper than you had planned. I've never played a Fender acoustic that I cared for but thats all up to the individual. Hope you love it and give us a review.

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