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is this a plus top??

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Sure looks like Plus Top to me, color may not be the current

options on sale at MF ($549.00), may put it into the

"limited edition" category, or may just be a color that was

popular at the time the guitar was manufactured.

The gold "tophat-style" knobs lead me to think "limited". What year?


I'll add your pic to speed up process:



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thanks for everyones help, I believe it is an 05 , I saw MF's ad this mornig for the $100 price drop on most Epi's, figures just when i bring myself to sell mine LOL. But this color is very rare and I think it should do fine on e-bay, again thanks everyone, Ron

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Guest icantbuyafender

root beer is a gibson finish...this is way too lightof a shade to be root beer. I am guessing it is a lighter finished honey burst that doesn't quite burst as much as say the heritage cherry. the shade change is subtle

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thanks to all once again, this is a great resource. I don't know if it is a cherry cause it has no red tint at all in it,,,it looks to be the same color as my friends Gibby rootbeer LP, the pic I put up is not a very good example in that it makes it look to light , well it's on ebay as I write this, thanks again to all, Ron

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