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Valve Standard Mods Needed

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Hi guys. I have a Valve Standard as well. I changed the speaker to a Celestion G12H-30 Anniversary, the stock speaker is an Eminence as well I believe. The previous owner changed the tubes in my amp and that is all that has been done. These amps kind of have a sketchy reputation, they were fairly poorly assembled and the PCB boards are very easy to break. There has been some discussion on the boards that Epiphone killed the amp because it was kind of a warranty nightmare, so to find one that has no issues is a rare thing. There are threads on a site called PPwatt.com you can go to and follow some of the detailed mod threads that are there. There are guys doing all kinds of resistor and cap changes to this amp, and with the DSP bypass, you end up with an all tube circuit and some pretty sweet tone. I have not undertaken the mods myself, but I have a friend who can do the work, an electrical engineer. There are schematics available, both in the original and modified state so that you have a road map or can take it to someone if you are not comfortable.

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