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Alden Guitars? any one played one ?

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Never played one but I've been chasing a 12 string Alden Getsch-alike for about a year as I've been told the quality is great for the price. I think the fact a british guitar maker has been snapped up by an american company for the american market says a lot about their quality. Under the directive of the man who designs and originally made the pick ups even though they're made out east. I think they're supposed to be very similar in quality to eastwood and they're not exactly cheap.

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What an amazing coincidence! I just played one of these today at Cowtown Guitars here in Las Vegas! Very interesting guitars they are. I played one of the metal top LP types pictured below (they had two of them in stock).Good weight to them and very solid feeling. The tuning and intonation on the guitar was spot on (although, to me, this possibly says more about the dealer than the guitar itself).


Now for the not so great stuff: the wood on this guitar felt really rough on both the neck and the body … almost sort of unfinished! I know I’ve gotten used to playing “plastic dipped” guitars, but his one went way beyond any of the “unfinished” Gibson’s or Epiphones I’ve played. It’s not a deal breaker … but it was sort of a surprise. The pickups sounded solid but had a much lower output than any of the other guitars I played today, including a couple of Epi Les Paul’s.


The guitars are made in Korea and the pups and the guitars themselves are supposedly designed by Alan Entwhistle, although they are obviously taken from old Zemaitis designs (though not nearly as ornate)!


They weren’t bad for about the same price as an Epiphone standard. Cowtown also had one of the abalone covered guitars as well as one of the strat shaped with the metal plate. Kind of a cool look.





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[edit] Incredible that I was just talking about this yesterday and today I found on on ebay at the cheapest BIN i've ever seen. They've stopped making this model and to top it all of it's called a Clarkesville! I just bought one of these today so I'll let you know what it's like when it arrives. I'm not so keen on the alden metal guitars but some of their classic versions look great (roseland and western star). If I need to do some mods so be it but I just think this looks great!



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I've never played one I'm afraid. Just aesthetically not so much my thing. I do buy quite a lot of guitars but if I don't take a liking to one or I find myself not playing one of them so much I do normally end up selling it because I could never afford to keep them all!

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