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I recently purchased 09 epi les paul plus ,gutted it ,replaced pots with cts ,.22 orange drops ,all new wiring ,bought 498t for the brdge ,496 r for the neck ,the guitar sounded better stock.Any suggestions ?

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I had lp custom pups in my sheri for a while... swapped the bridge for a 500t and lived with that for quite a while.. but wasn't happy still.


It definately sounds to me that the pups are what you don't like. the rest should be fine.


Take stock of the specs.. what were your originals.. what are the new ones.

then consider the differences in tone and move toward a better version of what you had judging in part by reviews and whichever you can listen to in person.


the neck pup in my dot studio is darker than the neck pup in mysheri.. same pickup! so it's not all the pup!

But that's still your best bet.


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