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BB King Lucille (Epiphone) need nut replacement


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Hello fellow Epi-owners! First let me say I love my Epi-Lucille, would recommend this guitar to anyone. It's exactly what I was looking for - great tone, looks amazing, feels great. Who could ask for anything more at $700??


Just one little issue I need to fix, within 3 months of owning the guitar, my plastic nut cracked. I planned on replacing it anyway with a graphite nut to keep the axe in tune a little better (it tends to creep a little...)


I’ve been trying to find a graphite (or similar) nut that will fit appropriately, but I’m a little unsure of which is the correct size nut.


SamAsh.com has this “Graphite Nut for Gibson Guitars” made by All Parts:




And the GraphTech website has Ivory/Teflon nuts that sound like they’d do the same as graphite:




I’ve looked at GraphTech’s instructions for sizing your guitar for a nut:




I just don’t trust that I’ve got a fine enough measuring tool to get an accurate measurement of the existing nut. Can anybody please tell me the accurate measurements or point me towards a specific nut that will fit?


Additional info: The specs specify 1.68" nut width, thought this might help, thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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