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No big pay off here really gents but, m'lday has returned from her trip to England and a "Family Photo" will be on it's way soon!


I'm backed up financially right now with a half working amp and a guitar that could stand a true set up(though the DOT still plays sweetly) but, i'm definitely going to replace my wiring before diving in to the search for the greatest pick up on the face of the earth! ..oh wait, i know it's a P-94.. :)


Still, I will have the benefit of a possibly Frankenstein Strat coming me soon (for the studio mainly) BUT you gents have got me GASsing for an LP!!! Which I know to be my fav guitar of all time! If my back and my bank could handle an LP custom well....


well...I'm really wondering exactly what GAS ro gassing means...I have some ideas..but, i'm sure it's not what i think!


And from the last thread i had i believe i will be grabbing a BOSS EQ pedal! A pal of mine has 2 and uses neither...

Oh and let's here it for the preidents day $50 rebate card to GC. gonna pick up some strap locks for the DOT.

Black or Gold fellas?

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As far as the locks go, I always try to match the rest of the hardware on the guitar. I think mismatched hardware makes a guitar look pieced together, IMO. If the guitar has gold hardware, go with gold straplocks. Or, if you want to stay subtle, get a set in gold and put the buttons on the guitar, and then get a set in black for the strap parts. That way the guitar matches, but the strap doesn't have a chunk of fort Knox on either end, LOL.

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