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Hey there!

To whoever it was that pointed out to me the Grovers on the PR6, DANG! Or is it DOH!

Either way, I checked and, yeah, there they are! All the more surprising as I have indeed had some slippage problems with this box. Of course, the real surprise is that I was unaware of the quality of the tuners to begin with. Sheesh!

I've been just a bit frustrated with this guitar for a while anyway. Aside from the above, it just isn't the machine I'm looking for for my use. I got it as a backup for my AJ500RC, and, before I got a pickup for my main ax, for times when I had to plug in. I had a thing for maple guitars at the time, and the appearance of this one is striking (like it or not). I was also swayed by the V-ish neck. I also have come to like the rather simple, straightforward electronics on it--I hear the more recent and more complex electronics on the acoustic-electrics are a bit troublesome. Made a good sound plugged in (low at about 8, mid-low 9.5, mid-high 7, high 5--hey, it IS maple and needs the bottom!).

Turns out not to be the best for my style. Though I like the shape of the neck, its size gives me a lot of grief. Just too thin. Should have figgered this out when I traded for it. The feel of the strings seems awfully "tight" to me. "Tight" would also be a word I'd use for the sound of the thing. I like the brights, but acoustically, i just don't get enough bottom to effectively carry the bottom (this is a bit better when plugged in).

It's a good guitar, but just not what I need for what I mostly do.

And, yeah, for watever reason, the gears do slip some.

Thanks for listening. Further comments certainly welcome

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Hey Bloozy, I for the life of me can't figure out why you have slippage on your Grovers ( it was I that pointed out that they are Grover tuners ) they are extremely reliable as for the sound can I suggest you find someone who is good with working witha peizo pick-up and change out the saddle for a tusq saddle and as for the strings you might want to try going to DR hand wound strings I would try the 11's on her.

And yep that Shadow system is straight forward and easy to use and gives a really nice response to the pre-amp but its not a guitar that everyone is going to love she does take some work to make her sing and I have had to change things around at different times to coax more bottom end out of it, but at the same time I relaly don't use it as a straight acoustic, she is plugged in more than 90% of the time to do recordings with, so if you are looking to sell her out, just remember that she is a solid body( top and bottom and sides ) and works great on stage and doing recordings.Ship

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Truly appreciate your input here, Ship! Like I said, I believe she's really a fine machine, but I think that the bottom line is that there'd be better choices for my own use. Don't know that I'd call it a finger-picker's guitar. She shore is purty, though!

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