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hey brad the pickups on my sparkle top arent too bad its a 1996 made les paul i used it more at one time cause i hated the sound of my 70s gibson custom it has a seymore duncan in the bridge and im not sure if the neck pickup is a humbucker of some kind...gone back to loving the sound of the 70s gibbo now though..

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Yeah, sometimes I think getting a guitar from Epiphone is like a crapshoot. You just never know what you are gonna find, as far as the pickups go.

My '06 G400 has pups that I think sound very good. I have never even thought about replacing them.

When I first got my LP (the one in my avatar) I thought it sounded ok. But the more I played it, the more I found I didn't like the sound of the pups. They just don"t sound anything like the ones on my G400.

Now my '07 Epi SG Jr. has a P90 on it, and I think it sounds great! It was made in Indonesia. But of course, I can't make it sound like the G400. But then again, my G400 can't sound like the Jr. either.

They both sound better than the LP though. I can't wait to get new pups in there. But alas, I can't spend the cash just yet.

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Unsung,Peerless,Samick... I have Epis from all three plants and the quality in finish and workmanship are all cosistently outstanding. The pickups are what they are in some cases, they can only work with what they are supplied.



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I have a '98 LP Std. and an '07 Sheraton II from the Unsung plant.

Also have an '05 G400 Custom Flametop from the Saien plant.


all 3 sound great with the stock p'ups, and I have no intention of swapping them out.


Granted, I personally prefer a muddier sounding p'up for vintage style blues.

I have other guitars with much hotter p'ups for hard rock, and metal.


Much of my tone/sound is controlled at the amp anyhow........I truly USE my amp as the 3rd. piece of my sound triangle.

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Thanks for your replies all. i think i'll spend the money and upgrade the pickups and get it serviced. i liked it when i bought it and after my son got hold of it it's badly in need of some love.

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Gas ...


Where'd those tuners come from ... a how much major surgery was the installation? Thanks!



Those are the stock tuners that came on it. Steinberger Direct Drive 40:1

The strange thing is they are around $100 if bought by themselves at Stewmac.

Goldies are $149!


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