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Floyd Rose on Les Paul/SG


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Hi foks,


Just a quick question regarding the floyd rose setup. Do you think Epiphone should make a version of the Les Paul and SG that come with this with setup?


Also, I would like the SG version to come with a coil tap as this is an excelent feature.


What are your thoughts on this?






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i would love some flyd models' date=' especially an sg. they could make it a bit thicker to handle it[/quote']


Me too. I had one of the SG's with the Kahler trem, and it was hard to keep in tune. Although, that was a loooong time ago and I had no clue about set up at the time....I just remember struggling with it alot.

I love FR's though. I never have a problem with them and would LOVE to see them put on SG's...Epi or Gibson.

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I Wish they did. I used to think it looks wrong, but now the thougt has grown on me. Floyd Rose is just fantastic, do the wild divebombs or subtle vibrato kind of thing. (It`s a tool for your creativity)

Alex lifeson is using it on his Les Paul`s, i seen one on a SG (Tommy Iomi) and what`s the name of the Journey guy?


I think Epiphone loose alot of markedshare, not having guitars with Floyd Rose.


3. epiphone`s i would love to see: 1. Epiphone 339 (Please, please make one. the 335 makes me look like a dwarf)

2. Epiphone Les Paul Floyd Rose

3. Epiphone SG with Floyd Rose

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