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what pickups would you use in a G-400 sg


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Im looking to change the pickups in my SG G-400 Epiphone. Im trying to learn some AC/DC, led Zeppelin, judas priest, iron maiden,and other rock music, but also like some of the newer metal, but dont want to put active pickups in.What pickups would you guys suggest for the neck and bridge postion, I know it will have to sound better than it does now with good pickups in it. Its a little muddy now. Thanks for any help.

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i hear you on the muddy tones.

just got my sg back from the shop, had 2 p94s but in, now these are single coil....ish and and personally i wouldnt get them for ac/dc led zep tones.


the obvious route, for me with an sg owning, ac/dc loving guitarist would be gibson 57s, do some research on them, you can get 57 classics and classic +, which i believe is a bit hotter.


i belive angus young had/has 57s in his sg, although you can get angus young gibson pickups now, which ive heard arent as good as 57s.


now, they are expensive, ive bought loads of pickups, 57s, SD 59, off ebay, cheaper. sometimes from the states.

but the other members of the forum would be able to offer some alternatives to gibson, pickups that are based on these but made by other companies which arent as expensive but will still sound better than the stock pups. its only when you chage them that you realise how muddy they are.

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