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EJ 200 Pick up


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remember she's hollow.. and prone to feedback the nearer you are to any speaker it's coming out of.. magnetic pickup or not!

those babys shake!

Just be sensible.. and make compromises about moving around onstage.. and setting your tone controls well.. you'll be fine!



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Anybody know if a LR Baggs iBeam will fit between the braces inside the EJ-200? I want to buy one, but I love the iBeam pickup, and would not like if it would not fit. Looking inside one at Guitar Center, it looks like it will fit, but I know that it will not fit my Alvarez Jumbo, but it did fit in my Masterbuilt EF-500R.


I am trying to decide between a Hummingbird and the EJ-200. I want to use an iMix with the iBeam and the M1.



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