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PUP sugestions for my spotlight CMT


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I replaced the stock EMG select (pasive) PUPs for Kent Armstrong High output or rock humbuckers about 10 years ago, they sound good and are great for heavy metal.

I have outgrown them now and would like to replace them with something more ....well, .. wholesome sounding.


The Guitar has a mahogany body and through neck with a maple top, and has good sustain and Balls.


What PUPs would you guys recomend?

If you have one of these guitars tell me what PUPs you chose for it, and why?

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This topic has gone round and round.

I like Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups.

I also like Dimarzios.

Everyone has a different opinion on this.

Depends on what sound you're trying to get.

If you go to the Seymour Duncan website they have soundbites for almost all their pickups.

Might give you a better idea.

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LOL, I know its a tired subject, thanks for replying. i will take your advice and check out manufacturers web sites for sound bites. i was just hopeing that some one out there who has the same guitar as me would tell me what pick up they chose and what their opinions of them were.

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