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It's been a spell since I've been here. Between my new band and working for a company that handles NCAA MBB stuff; I've been a busy guy.


So I took the guitar out for three live gigs now. Performance? Fairly middling. We opened up for some national acts and the guitar got some oohs and aahhhs but it gave me NO confidence - It has some serious staying in tune and crap electronics issues. I've since replaced the bridge pick-up and when I'm a little bit ahead on my finances I'm going to get a good neck pick-up and electronics and new pickguard. We're all good there.


The question I have; non electronic guitar hardware is a mystery to me.


I want:

- Better (maybe locking?) new tuning machines.

- Graphite nut/Tusq? nut. Something awesome.

- Graphite bridge saddles/better bridge.


Where do I get these things? What sizes do I get? I'm kind of lost - any help would be greatly appreciated.

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