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What price to ask for an epi LP 2008 Honeyburst plus top???


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Like the tittle says really, i might be in the market to sell my epi LP 2008 model from quindoa china. (Honeyburst plus top)


Not really sure what its worth. I'll give you a bit of info and pics. If i list on here then will give a discount obviously. I would be selling to fund another guitar.


Mines a 2008 EE made LP plus top in Honeyburst.

No Dings or big scratchs.

Std spec except pickups. Grover tuners/chrome hardwear ect.

Pickguard still with me also

Pickups are irongear's hot slags in the neck and bridge. Original epi neck pickup also still with me.

Very minimal fret wear if any. Few pick scratchs and that about it really. Almost in new condition i'd say.


Selling in the UK so whats your guess?





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ok feela cheers. Just going out now to the music shop to look over the Gibson BFG gary moore sig guitar. Thats what i want so this would have to go. I'll have a think about prices. Will give you first refusal here as your the first interested.




I'll be honest i dont wanna sell it but i really love the BFG guitar. If tit outshines my LP then i have to sell to put down a deposit. Will sell quite a bit to fund it.


My LP, My NS/2 pedal, overdrive pedal, Maybe my Valve junior V3, My old golf clubs (gave up ages ago so they may as well go) and my old xbox with loads of games

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