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Guest icantbuyafender

dont let the name fool you.


made overseas doesnt mean crap.


i had a set of the HB103 Duncan Designed which are modeled after seymours SH-6 Distortion pickup. They do make a set that is modeled after seymours favored SH-4 JB/SH-2Jazz set, known as the HB102.


I recommend them for a cheap worthwhile step up. I was a huge skeptic until now. Here's the story....


I spent today finishing my project gloss black sg special.


set of the hb103's controlled by a 3 way switch and master tone and master volume.

Thanks to TWANG it is sporting a custom '62 styled pickguard. Orange drop .047uf cap and cts 500K Audio taper pots, one being a push/pull to coil tap. Finally, because all my projects call for them, the '80's gibson era styled 10mm keystone chrome tuning keys and chrome knobs.


I started after a pair of breakfast tacos and a Dasani at around noon. Finished the work at around 4. Tested the pickups and restrung it later on after dinner. tuned up and got a feel for it, noticing some nuances that sounded a bit tooo good. Cranked up the volume and let a lick rip. In confusion I quickly muted the strings. tried it again... no mistake...


I found the rock and roll tone I was looking for-- MY tone. Angus meet Ace Frehely with a dash of woman tone and a kick of townsend... all drenched in EVH brown sound and grilled to taste. Sustain for days and harmonics as easy as a "1-2-3".



been jammin since 9pm.

its now 5am and im knockin back a Sam Adams in celebration that

I've snatched up a set for my G400, and 2 sets of DuncanDesigned HB102 pickups

for my Les Paul Std+ and black special II. for $20-$30 each set that gets ripped out

of a jackson or schecter is sold on ebay. I wish Id have heard them sooner.


man, anyone else out there live for days like this?

(funny thing, 4/11 was coincidently my bday)

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You bring up a point worth stressing. Humbuckers on Asian guitars aren't bad because Asian manufacturers make bad HBs. They are bad (if they are) because the manufacturer is trying to put the cheapest possible pickup on their guitar to result in the lowest possible manufacturing cost.

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Guest icantbuyafender
Sounds like some good pickups on the cheap..that I need to check out for an old Les Paul copy I have. Where did ya purchase them from?




check frequently as they tend to get put up often, so even at $20 per pickup buyitnows.


I strongly recomend trying them out at a shop in a jackson DNKY standard or schecter C-1 to see how they react to your playing style and give them a test drive.


These were just too good to keep as my best kept secret .


and yes, good point inside man!

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