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LP Custom HELP!!!


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I want to ask you about my guitar.


It is Gibson Les Paul Custom, colour: black, silver(!) hardware, ebony fingerboard, there is no dot in signature/name Gibson on head and Kluson machineheads.


The serial number is under the new paint, so I cant read it, but I can recognize that under the number there is signature "Made in USA"


Can you help me to recognize this guitar? When, where it was made, etc.


I feel that it is rather old guitar....


Thank you very much




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Why is there new paint over the serial number? I think Silverburst Customs first appeared in the late 1980's and have been done as custom orders and runs since. The Made in USA would suggest a Gibson USA model, but without a serial number it is really difficult to tell you much. Is the serial number stamped into the wood? Pictures would help. If you open the control cavity you should be able to get the pot codes. That is if they are original. If you can check those codes and post them here it might help narrow down what year it was made. Pictures of inside all the cavities, control, and both pickups might help us tell if it has been refinished.

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