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Valve Junior/ Valves do not light up= No sound

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My Valve junior doesn't have its two tubes lighting up, this it is not producing sound.

My amplifier situation...

it isModified with a rectifier to convert AC to DC

and a 1M Resister across input to stop signal leakage

Three fuses are still intact, The red startup switch still lights up.

I took a resister (22K) off a link to the 12AX7 valve.


All modifications was done WAY before my amp started to cark it.


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Hmmm has a a/c to d/c conversion... sounds like a Rev1...


I think they still had those dreaded fuse holders coming off the primary transformer


Look for the plastic fuse holders that are on the orange wires. Push and twist, take the fuse out... There are copper contacts in the holder.


Just scrape with anything. screwdriver, sandpaper, just to get the shinny again.

put the fuses back in and then power back on.

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