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Gibson Classic antique VSB? Anyone with info??


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This guitar and the gary moore bfg have really caught my eye at the local store, i havent had time to play either yet but cant find many reviews on the classic antique?




Have found the spec on it and it looks very similar to a std except the chambering for weight relief and the diff pickups.


Any idea how this will sound compared to a std? I wont be trying a std as its not in my price range?


Is £1299 a good price for a new one. Its the last one they got as they said theyve been discontinued now. The finish is so nice its hard to resist on just that just looking for personal experience with them.


Basically is it worth the money?, will it hold value? being chambered wont take away the Les paul sound will it?


Anyone use these 57 PAF pickups? Any info on them too would be nice.


Will be trying before thinking of buying but want others to give views also. Will give it a good run next week when i get down there.



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