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Please help identify my Epi Les Paul Custom

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Hi all' date='


Can anyone give me any info on my Les Paul (eg factory, country of manufacture, pickups used, etc)


I bought it in 1988 (i think) for around £400 in the UK. It has no serial number that I can find. It may have had a sticker that has long since gone!!



99% sure it was made by Samick in Korea judging by the headstock and Gibson on the TRC. Samick began manufacturing Epiphones in 1986, but they didn't start making LP Customs until 1989 according to Blue Book. I don't know how accurate Blue Book is, maybe some were sold in 1988. But 1988/1989 is the right time frame.


The serial #s were on little stickers, pickups were generic Asian pickups. Later on, Epiphone designed their own to sound more like classic Gibson humbuckers.


Hope that helps.

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