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P/U for my LP Junior

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Striker, your LP Jr have the humbucker pick up in it? If so, they do make P-90s that fit in a humbucker cavity.

All the big name pick up makers have them. Maybe check out GFS for s start. I have never used the GFS before but Twang has one of the p-90s in a Dot he upgraded and seems to like it pretty well.


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Capt is right.

I was skeptical of GFS.. and I found out the Mean 90 is actually quite a nice pup.

It's a tick darker than the Kent Armstrong, but I have one of each in the dot and they sound just fine together.


I'm using the Mean 90 in the bridge.. so that's a pretty good bet for price/tone/quality for your guitar, too.


And no messing about.. should fit perfectly even using your current pickup ring..



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