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Help with "Instrument Registration" or Background check


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Hi Forum friends...


I know I've seen links for this stuff in threads in the past. I'm sorry I couldn't find it as I scanned various ones..


My DOT only has the serial# and the sticker that said where it's made I removed(I think it was Korea...??) I just want to get more info. I think it's interesting how everyone mentions the country and the plant where there guitar was made. And here I am pretty clueless..It's no good I say!


Also, what is the benefit of registering your instrument?


Family photo coming soon....




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Here's your link:

i.d. your Epiphone here...


It's the everything we can confirm accurate thread. We've begged for Epiphone/Gibson to add-correct-confirm and make it a sticky but..., the only sticky so far is their collective heads up their own &@^#%!



Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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