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Epiphone Howard Roberts opinions


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Uh-oh. Stopped by my local Guitar Center and spied a used Epi Howard Roberts. Korean-made, cherry red, with oval soundhole and single minihumbucker. Sweet neck - looked like neck and headstock were one piece, not scarf jointed.

Played great. Haven't heard it amplified yet.

Seriously thinking about going back to buy it - $400 in very nice condition.

Anyone out there have any experience with this guitar? What can you tell me?

Thx for your help


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dougg' date='


It's a steal at $400. I would snap it up, especially if you are drawn to the jazzy side. Like I said, 400 is a STEAL. Cheers.[/quote']

Thanks - that's the kind of encouragement I was looking for. The strings on it were totally dead, so judging acoustic sound was difficult - but it felt and looked cool. And if it's a steal, my wife will understand.

If I get it, I'll post pix.


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I played a Gibson Kalamazoo made one in '66/'67..beautiful jazz guitar. It's very close to an ES-175

sound, but with Howard Roberts own personal touches..the oval sound hole which gives it a bit

of a flat top sound acoustically. At that price, I would say it's worth it.

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I have several of these...replaced the pups with Kent Armstrong handmade Johnny Smiths (retail $169.) and they cook...the factory flatwounds are great for jazz and I have one with nickel roundwound 11s for blues...great guitars as long as the frets are set right and you know how to adjust the bridge properly...$400. not bad price - seen them from 350 to 750. They're pretty much exact repros of the the 1970s Gibson copies of the original Epis. There were only 52 of the original Epi HR Custom's (like this but solid spruce top)...

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