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Epiphone Casino Elitist & Fender Deluxe - extra distortion suggestions?


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I just bought a new Epiphone Elitist' date=' and I'm running it through my Fender Deluxe Reverb.[/quote']


Awesome rig! Test as many as you can using your set up, not in the store. Could you borrow a few from friends to try out?


I use an old Marshall Bluesbreaker (from the first series, not the one selling now). It's not as severe as some of the other pedals, but for me it's enough.

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Boss Blues Driver, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Marshall Bluesbreaker II, Marshall Guv-nor Plus, or Fulltone "Full Drive" mofset...

are My favorite OD pedals. I'm sure other folks have theirs. Best thing to do, is take your guitar, go to a store...and test

a bunch, through the same amp, and see which one appeals to you, the most.



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