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Fender Strat help please


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I know its not an Epi but I prefer this forum over Fender or anyone else. I bought this Squire for $50.00 and I was working on it last night. I took all the tuning machines off and apart while I was changing strings. I tightened them up because they were loose. Anyway as you can see in the pic, one of the knobs is missing. I went to a local guitar store in town. We have 2. My friend didn't have any at his shop so I went to the other store and they sold me the knob with the shaft out of a pile of spare parts that they had. The only problem is that after replacing it and putting it back together, a knob came off of one of the other tuning machines. Apparently the knobs are made of plastic and slide down on the metal shaft. The fit is tight until the plastic knob breaks. The owner of the store acted a little pi$$ed when I asked if I could buy a tuning machine from their spare parts pile. She wanted to order a whole set of "expensive" ones and acted mad about having to look up the part numbers, as if they were to busy to help a customer. So I don't want to go back there. I just thought I would ask if anyone has any spares lying around if they would send them to me. I can go buy a new set but I'm really trying to watch my money so I thought I would ask. No harm in trying. And before anybody gets mad because I am asking for Fender parts on the Epi website, I own an Epi and a Gibson and this forum has the best members who always seem willing to help.



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