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Not an Epi Question but i hope some one will know

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I have a swamp ash tele, and the pots are goin out, Im goin to try my hand at saughtering but, not to much, i found that there are several companies that have prewired assemblies , i realy like the 4 way switch mod option to, an one comes with a phase push pull switch?(if any one can tell me what this will do)

So i realy just wanted to know if you can recomend one or the other of these companies or if any of yall have delt with them before.


Secondly, Ive really been wanting to put a charlie christian pickup in the neck position, can yall recomend a good brand or maker, that is in a resonable price range, or do I have to spend the big bucks to get the sound Im lookn for



thanks guys!

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