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mini humbuckers


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First question: No, not without some woodworking. Different mounting system...they are interchangeable in solid body guitars, with a bit of (non-visable mounting screw holes/or bracket modification), providing the routing is deep enough.


Second question: Mini-humbuckers are "humbuckers," not single coil. The older, original "New York" Epiphone pickups, which had a somewhat similar outward appearance, were...in fact, "single coil" pickups, so that may be where the confusion comes about.




Wikipedia (short explanation) on the Mini-Humbucker:

The mini-humbucker is a smaller variation of the full size PAF humbucker pickup (used in electric guitars) created by the Gibson Guitar Corporation. It has a thinner, less powerful sound than the full-size version and is frequently used in jazz guitars, mounted under the fingerboard or on the pickguard. The mini-humbucker equipped Gibson Firebird, for example, produces clearer, brighter tones that are quite unlike typical Gibson sounds, and fit well between single coils and full-sized humbuckers in the tonal spectrum.


Mini-humbuckers were originally featured on Epiphone electric guitars (now manufactured under license for Gibson) and several of Gibson's archtop jazz guitars. Mini-humbuckers were also used on Gibson Firebird guitars, thus giving them a very distinctive tone. By the 1970s, mini-humbuckers had replaced Gibson's original P-90 single-coil pickups on several of Gibson's budget guitar models, as well as the Les Paul Deluxe. Only select re-issue Gibson models are still made with Mini-Humbuckers, as they are less popular than standard humbuckers. Variations of this design are used in Rickenbacker 650 guitars and 4004 basses.


Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini-humbucker"

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