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First Time Buyer - Epiphone LP 100


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Hi, First post, and in a few days, first time electric guitar purhase.


I dabbled on nylon string classical guitars in my youth, put the guitar down thirty years ago, and now I got the bug again - this time electric. Mid-life crisis I suppose! As I am only a beginner, I have my eye on an Ebony LP-100 - absolutely love the style and it felt pretty good when I tried it out in the store, just like a kid.


My style is quite laid back - more the clean, clear, soft, rich, smooth type ; words like overdrive, distortion, metal, etc are not in my vocabulary. So if you might indulge me, I have a few burning questions:


1) NECK WIDTH - The LP-100 is described as a slimmed down version. I know its lighter, which is fine by me, but what about the neck/fret width - is it any narrower that the higher end Epiphones?? I hope not.


2) STRING TYPE - Should I be leaning away from stainless steel and looking instead at flat-wound/ nickel? Do I need to look for any particular guage? Can string type be requested on purchase or do they always come with a basic set of stainless steel strings (or do they come with nothing and the dealer typically adds them?)


3) PRACTICE AMP - Looking for something simple but decent (especially as the amp is so critical in defiining the overall audio experience. Dont really need any of the special effects; just risch sound and some line in/out capability. Looking at Traynor DG15 or Marshall MG15. Any thoughts?


4) GUITAR SETUP - Is this something that a dealer does without the buyer ie 'in the back room' ( as in - here ya go - we set it up) .. or .. is it truly adjusted for personal preference, one on one? Is there typicallya separate charge, or is it done for free with a new purchase? I guess I want low 'action' so I dont have to work too too hard!


Many thanks

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I think they are all the same at the nut width.. so the neck width should be the same, too.


string choice is just that. choice. whatever floats your boat.


I've owned the marshall mg15 amps.. in two versions.. and they do the job for home practice.. very handy amps, in fact.

But I wound up with a roland micro cube and I think it sounds better.. though not as loud.

It works great with phones.. has cd input.. and you can jam along with pc or stereo just fine so long as you don't want lots of volume.


I tend to recommend the epiphone valve junior.. pure tube single ended.. but without much feature wise...

they love pedals in front, however.

and they'll blow the solid states away for sound.. and are darn loud.. five tube watts outruns my 100 watt per side stereo..

the marshall or the roland don't come close.


I always tell people to learn set up procedures even if they intend on having it done for them.

For one thing, it let's you know when you're being BS'd. and you should eventually learn most of it and be able to do it yourself.


so first.. google guitar set up or guitar set up procedures until you have at least read about all that goes into it.


Then, you can judge your guitars current condition and know what you need or don't need.


I've had the lp100 in the shop..

and the fretwork was pretty nice.. standard job that epi does at factory.. but that can vary.

Adjusting the bridge height and the truss rod are not all that difficult if you just follow the instructions, and usually you can certainly get by with that and have pretty soft action.


and yeah. they usually charge for it after sale..


And the cost can vary.. with the honesty of the tech/shop/luthier.. and depending on your gutiars actual condition or your need.



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