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OK, does anyone have a site for all the Joe Pass Specs? Even the bridge is not the same as a standard I noticed...is there a spec site anywhere and don't say that EPI has one, they don't...have to admitt, the old ones sound better than the new ones. That China one sounds terrible that is reviewed on U tube....Korea makes a better product it seems....

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Not sure what kind of specs you are looking for. I've had mine for about two years and really don't have any complaints.

The serial number begins with a U. Not sure if that indicates China or Korea. It has Grover machine heads.

As far as sound goes, that depends on what amp I am playing it through.

I use it with a six piece jazz group and it fits in nicely. I used it on a light rock gig a few months ago and was suprised at how well it sounded when cranked up.

Unplugged it has a nice acoustic sound. It does tend to feedback when cranked. I was thinking of putting clear tape over the f holes.

Build quality seems to be very good. I've replaced the the button on the pickup selector. It is not a standard thread size. I had to silicone a new button to the switch shaft. Works fine and looks original.

No problem with the electronics. This morning at a rehearsal, I noticed the first string wasn't cutting through. A small adjustment to the pickup height on the treble side fixed the problem.

I bought it to use in a jazz group and that is where it it best suited.

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