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If you are really dead set on a Gold-Top I would say check in on Ebay for an Elitist Gold-Top. They come up every so often and are much higher quality than Epis' standard line.

If the Gold-Tops are to be dis-continued you will always be able to snag one on Ebay so I wouldn't panic and rush out to purchase one.

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Everyone says to get a epi 56 gt' date=' that they are going to be all gone soon, does this make sense, since i h eard that epi's have poor resale value, I mean if it is worse quality than the gibson, would it not make sense to get a higher end epi or save up for the real deal?[/quote']


Let me answer this with a proviso. I am not reopening the infuriating (and futile) Epiphone vs Gibson debate. However, I will try to answer your question frankly.


In my opinion, most guitars have a poor resale value (when viewed as a percentage of the original purchase cost new). The exception to this rule are very limited edition collectors' instruments, highly appreciated guitars that have been out of production for some time, and "vintage" guitars. With the possible exception of the USA Lennon Casinos and, perhaps in time, the Elitist model archtops and semis, no Epiphone is going to appreciate in value (but then neither do most Gibsons). I wouldn't worry about resale value when buying a guitar as a player's instrument. I'm not convinced that the depreciation rate of Epiphones is worse than that of any other manufacturer.


To put it in perspective, I once bought a Fender American Standard Telecaster when I was a student in England. I paid £750. Went broke (as students tend to do), and had to sell it to pay for my airfare home. After a couple of weeks of bargaining with various dealers and private buyers, it realized £375 cash. Basically, it cost me over £150 year to "hire" the guitar from myself, if you like...


Turning to the guitar itself. Unless you are a serious semi-pro or professional player, I think a good Epiphone Les Paul will satisfy your needs just fine. I have owned a Gibson myself in the past, but that was a Firebird (a model which Epiphone have never properly explored, in my opinion.) So the easiest way to get a Firebird was to simply buy a Gibson. This statement is not necessarily true of Les Pauls.


It sounds like you are tempted towards the '56 because of its relative scarcity and/or reputation. If you are in the market for a Les Paul, perhaps it might be easier just to head down to Guitar Center (or a similar store) and try some Epiphone Les Pauls first hand. They'll always have a few in stock, and you can judge at first hand if any of them suit your needs.




Sorry Slasher, I didn't realize that you don't have access to a guitar store, until I read that info in another thread.


OK, if I were in your position, I wouldn't mess around ordering a '56 GT, and then worry about routing it for full sized Humbuckers.


I'd probably just order a nice Standard or Custom instead. Much easier to mod, if the whim takes you.

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If you want a Gibson buy one. If you don't have that kind of money go for the epi. If you like the P90 pickups go for the epi. If you don't like P90's you can put in minihumbuckers, but for God's sake, don't rout the guitar to fit humbuckers in. Chances are you will really mess up the finish. Yes the gt's are discontinued but you can probably find them on ebay when they are gone. If you don't like the P90's and don't care about the goldtop finish then get an epi lp standard or whatever. If you have to have a Gibson then be prepared to spend a nice chunk of change unless you get lucky on a great deal or you just have money to spend. Good luck.

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