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Fender can't count !!!


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Inspired by InsideMan's "brrrrrrrrrupppp!" post (editt: and the show your strat thread), I trawled through eBay (aus) to see if there were any bargains in this part of the world.


There was one 1994 40th anniversary strat, about ten or so 2004 50th anniversary ones, but there was also the odd 2006 60th anniversary models too.


WTF how can a 10 year anniversary gap happen in two years ? Did I miss something or did they reset the date of their foundation.

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i got one 60th anni's commerative tele... i think the 60th anniversary celebration is meant for tele

the first tele are produced in 1946 ( still using name broadcaster )

2006 - 1946 = 60 years =D>


in that year.. fender release 2 type anniversary tele..

1.) 60th anniversary tele limited edition ( natural color and has a limited serial numbers on the bridge)

2.) 60th anniversary commerative tele ( only come with a sunburst color )


and fender just wont let that chance goes away that easily by not including the Strat for sale.. the also sell

60th anniversary commerative strat at that time just to boost their finance..

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The fact is, none of the guitar makers are reliable when it comes to anniversary models -- the anniversary seems to arrive when marketing decides they need a new goodie to put in stores.


Fender has commemorated an embarrassing variety of dates as the "first" Strat, Tele, Precision, Jazz.... It's useful to remember that Fender of the Leo days was notorious for not keeping reliable records.


I can't get too excited about it. Marketing guys will say whatever they think will sell instruments.

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