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What Gfs pots should i use for split coil on a epi les paul plus top


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Im going to change the pickups on my les paul plus top, and need to know which pots to buy, do i need to get the long shaft, or do i just need these http://store.guitarfetish.com/pudppo50auge.html

Also if i put 500k push/pull volume pots on for spliting the coils, do i need to put a 500k pot on the tone as well, and which one do i need the reagular one or the long shaft pot. If i were buying 4 new pots which ones would i need for the tone controlls, and which ones would i need for volume and spliting the coils. Thanks for any help.

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welcome to the forum crazy8. in my limmited experieince i found it pays to get a good pots. I have nothing against the gfs pots, i install a push/pull and it is nice, but, it is not as smooth as the cts pot i got from allparts.com or the alpha pots i got from stewmac. everything else i have gotten from guitarfetish has been excellent.


For the les paul, go with the 500k on both tone and volume. also use the .47 cap. stewmac sell les paul wire kits with all the stuff you need for a direct swap out. you will need to add push/pull to the order. if you plan to coil-tap the pups you will need 2 push/pulls and 2 regular pots. make sure all of them are audio taper.



Hopefully you will get more input from some of the other members here.



also, have you found the wire diagram you plan to use?

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