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Boss TU-2 tuner -> Whirlwind A/B/Y splitter -> Fender Hot Rod DeVille/Marshall JCM 800 with a B cab.


Fender Blues Jr. for different stuff as the mood strikes.


Not pictured;

An OLD Peavey Musician solid state head/4x12 cab & an OLD Crate B 200XL bass head/2x15 cab.

I added the A cab to my Marshall since that pic was posted.







Also added a Fulltone OCD in front of my Fender HRD' date=' running into the clean channel.

My first drive pedal in 30 years of playing guitar.



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My brand new LP STD into my Rocktron Vendetta (One of the most underrated heads) into my Orange 4x12 with my Nova System through the loop. The MIDI controller is for controlling my 4 channels. Gotta get a smaller one though.

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gonna have to post pics soon. les paul custom and fender american strat into a jcm2000 dsl 100 and a jcm 900 lead 1960 cab. only got a few pedals, but hoping to update my collection with some EHX soon as some money comes in. ive got an english muff'n and big muff distortion with a crybaby 535Q wah pedal and an rp1000 multi effects board.

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I play anyone of my guitars, but for recording mainly my LP through my crybaby into my marshall JCM2000 into a 2x12 or a better cab if theres one at the studio. I like to keep it simple, especially live because i hate tripping up over a load of sh1t i have al over the stage, my channel switcher is enough to get in the way :-k Also a sampson stage55 wireless comes in handy live.

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My main stage guitars the last few years have been two USA Dean V customs, who have now been joined by a '79 LPC ;)




The rig itself is an ENGL Savage SE thorugh a Bogner cab, with the occasional use of a Silvermachine MKII wah:


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Home: Les Paul (usually) right into a Fender Blues Junior.


Band: Les Paul or Strat into (in this order) Teese RMC 3 wah --> Analogman Beano Boost --> Lovepedal Magicboy --> Analogman King of Tone --> Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso --> Mesa Stiletto Deuce head w/ 2x12 Mesa 3/4 cab loaded with Mesa Black Shadows.


Girlfriend's apartment: MIM Standard Strat into Analogman King of Tone into 1966 Fender Champ.



Damn Rich, you forgot to mention the rig you have in your office.

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My Les Paul is a '90 R0 Flame Top


I run a few rigs depending on what I'm doing:


Rig 1) for big rooms / outdoor gigs


ADA MP1 -> Hughes & Ketner Cabinetulator C speaker emulator -> TC Electronics G-Major -> BBE 462 -> Rane PE 7 parametric EQ -> AB 600 Power amp feeding a BLB Sound cab with 2 x 12" Celestions - pedals = Ibanez TS9 - ART Midi control - Boss Volume pedal (input volume) - Roland real time control pedal (output volume)


Rig 2) medium room


Vox AD120VTH -> BLB cab


Rig 3) small room


Ibanez TS-9 -> VOX AD50


Rig 4) 2nd recording rig (direct)


ART Power Plant preamp -> Rane 32 band graphic -> Alesis Quadraverb


I like lots of options...

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Gibson Les Paul Studio VM into:


Boss TU2

Barber Tone Press

Fulltone OCD

Barber Direct Drive

Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble

Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb

Digitech Bad Monkey


Into my trusty Fender 59' Bassman Reissue. Nothing beats gold, old fashioned Alnico blue speakers!










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If it makes you feel any better' date=' the only room I play is my living room.

I'm a two-string, power chord hack driving my neighbors and wife crazy with my "collection."


I've only played a handful of gigs in my life, but I got purty guitars.....


I commend you guys that can really play.[/quote']


You sound like me, Neo! My son blew by me at age seven, and I don't play much anymore. I'll list Reese's rig, since he is the only one playing much in this local.


Les Paul VM Studio --> Vox Classic Wah --> Korg Pitch Black tuner --> Marshall Haze 40. Kicks major butay ; )



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Here's some updated rig pics.


Orange Rockerverb 100 w/ orange cab. ( has v-30's) Matamp GTO 120 with Marshall 4 x 12. (w v-30's)




I've been running this 75 Orange OR 120 alot lately :




Pedal board :



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six various Gibsons but my 56 goldtop reissue with the vibramate Bigsby is the coolest


I will try and upload a pic my pedal board put to together with the help of Dan the man of the Gig Rig Uk


Its guitar to an A/B/Y pedal


A to Boss TU3 I have a Peterson strobe but the Boss is easier to use


Then B to a HAO which I use as light compression or leave it on if I use my strat

Then I have two gigrig rig loopers


Either a Keeley DS1 or a Boss fuzz -i have a Hendrix fuzz as well but Boss is better to my ears


Then a Fulltone OCD and a Fatboost 3


The other loop has a Behringer harmoniser which I only use on two songs hence going for the cheaper option this is linked with a line booster always kept on to compensate for the drop in volume when the harmoniser is kicked in


final loop is chorus and delay


Finally into a Fender Vibrolux 2x10 -fantastic amp does everything I need as with the pedals i use i can easily dial up a Marshall or Boogie sound


I also have a Fulltone Drive 2 and a fatboost v1 which i use for a less complicated set up


All powered by a gigrig power station and distributor with all wiring hidden under the board - quite neat really -one kettle lead and the whole system is powered up


I still have the Keeley fuzz but prefer the Boss version and the Boss compressor has been swapped for the Hao


I have read this through and it seems a bit smug but i dont smoke and drive an old car- my excess cash is spent on guitars and pedals


As you will gather I still cannot upload pics - not really a user friendly site in that regard

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