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Can anyone access bulk buys of strings ?


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I'd like to buy strings in lots of 50 or 100, my pref is EB flatwound slainless slinkys 10-46.


Because the oz dollar is in the sewer at the moment, I can't get any deals on eBay coz of the exchange rate.


If someone in the US can deal with a distributor or something then i'd gladly give 10% of the strings or a behringer pedal or something like that, your choice. As long as someone could get them and send them to me by airmail, i'd supply the money upfront.


This all depends of course on the final cost to me, i might be better trying to source a local distrib. But i'd certainly like to cost it and see.


EDIT: Even better we could band any willing forum members together and realy buy in BULK.

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