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1989 Korean Epi Les Paul Standard


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I just missed out on this because I was not sure if I should have gone hole hog.




Here are good photos - http://www.willoughbymusic.com/pages/WMUSEDEPILPFLAME.html


Does anyone own one? How does it play and stand up to the later Korean Standards?

There is another one up for bid, but not in as good as condition.


The kick me question is, should I have put my high bid at $400?

I was half a click there when I realized I did not know much about it.

The condition looks good and I love the Gibson headstock.

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Well, the Korean models are pretty highly regarded. And the earlier the better, IMHO.

That one was a 1989, so from my point of view, I probably would have snagged it.

It seems that over time, standards fall and prices rise....and if standards happen to rise, so does the price, exponentially, it seems.


But you'll never really know unless you actually have it in your hands.

I wish someone else would chime in on this. I'm very curious about it now.

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