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Sould i go for it?


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Hey I just found a Epiphone SG Special, with SG G-400 pick ups, its of the year 2005, its in perfect state, except for a little bump on a corner. It sure plays fine.


Heres the link, you guys might not understand it much cuz its an argentinian page, sort of like Ebay, just look at the pictures...



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950 ARS (Argentinian Pesos) = $256.40 USD


Intriguing, because I've been wanting to get an SG Special and put

G-400 pickups in it... BUT I can buy an EPI SG Special NEW in US for

$169.00 USD. I don't know the economic exchange rate/situation

over there. From US standpoint, it's a bit expensive, but if you'll

tell us the cost of common goods over there in ARS, we can use the

online currency calculator to get a rough idea of your cost versus our

cost for goods....

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