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Hi folks

I am thinking of putting a pair of gold gfs vintage 59s in my sheraton.

The matched pair that guitar fetish have says that the neck one is a paff.

Is any body using these in a sheraton?


I have put some in my dot and I am very happy with them.


Thanks Chris

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Not used them myself, but played them a couple of times.....


I have Seymour Duncan 59's (with no covers) on my '96 Sheraton II - and love them, though they were not straightfoward at first..... that is to say, they took a little getting used to. Bright to the point of giving rough dissonant partials too much prominence through my Bassman, though fine through the deeper Sound City. But lowering them to a sweeter sound and slightly altering my picking position sorted things - and the guitar tone controls did the rest (just take the top edginess off).


The GFS (I think) are Alnico5 and around the 8kohm range - so very similar in that respect. I have heard people say they are smoother than the SD's, other people suggesting they are duller. Personally I would say "more mellow" sounding. Great for Jazz through Blues - not so good into the Metal end of things. Got to be worth a try if that's your bag.....

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