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One More Nut Question


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Looking closely at my LP-100 recently due to intonation problems(i.e. not very consistent) I noticed the strings, especially the lower 3 sat kind of "deep" in there slots. I think I've read where this can affect your intonation. I believe that the rule of thumb is half the string diameter in the slot half above. Is this correct? Also, can I gently file away the top of the nut until this point is reached?

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Deep nuts won't affect the intonation but it is better to have the slots shallow so as to minimize binding which can lead to tuning problems. Basically you want the slot to be about half the diameter of the string in depth, as you've already surmised. And yes, if the slots are cut too deep you can just file off the top of the nut to compensate.

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a tick over half the string in the slot.. simple enough to reason.. with half or less than half it can pop out easier..


and that's really just for the wound strings.. the unwound strings can be a bit deeper, they don't bind so easy.


and pencil lead in the slots helps to resist binding.


I like the slots to taper down.. from fret side, high, to tuner side, a bit lower.

And same with the tops.. the fret side is higher by a bit.


And when I make them myself, I taper them just a bit toward the tuner.

But not too much as a bend there induces binding if it's too radical.


Another thing I like is soft shoulders.. I don't like to feel the nut as my hand slides toward that end..

So I round them like a C.. but also smooth the front and read edges out.





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