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I saw that some people had problems with the pots and switches on their new epiphone. If i have this problem when i get my epiphone i plan to change the switch and pots myself. I prefer DIY to taking my guitar for three weeks to the closest store, but tell me. Say for eg I replace the toggle switch on a g1275 or like a lucille for eg.. Do i just heat up the iron, melt off the wires, replace the switch and solder the old wires to the same spots on the new switch? do i need to strip insulation or anything? same question for the potentiometer. Dont suggest taking it to the store because i enjoy tinkering with my guitars and it will be three weeks faster

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First. you have to turn the pot all the way down.. or heat travels to the path and a hot spot can form causing it to not pass signal ..

if it's turned down. well.. there's no signal at that spot anyway.


I doubt you'll have to do anything more than be careful. The insulation will be stripped back already.


Use a low watt iron. not one of those gun things that heat too much.

use as little heat as it takes.


take your time. one step at a time.

make notes of colors, maybe.. you know red wire to whatever pot lug. etc.



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