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Epiphone Genesis Restoration - Progress Pics


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Here's an update on the Genesis rebuild I'm doing. It's been slow going, trying to figure out how best to repair the butchery this 30 year old girl took from previous owners, but I think I finally have it figured out. Rather than trying to do a factory-perfect resotoration, I'm making it into a gleaming chrome hot rod.


Last night I got a pair of Gibson 490R/498T humbuckers off Craigslist ($80 the pair!), and installed a Bigsby B7and roller bridge (thanks TWANG!) and a set of Grover locking tuners. I wanted to get the hardware temporarily installed before I started painting (it will be traditional Stew Mac gloss black nitro) to make sure there would be no surprises. I still have to plug a few holes and do some sanding ang filler coats, but other than that, there's not much more to do before it goes into the spray booth. Below are some pics with and without siblings:








If I do another one of these, I'll look for one that's got less body damage and do a nice natural version, I think.



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Man those things are sharp! I'm still in shock that I'd never seen them before this forum...

If you search 'Epiphone Genesis'' date=' you'll find several previous discussions. Here's one:



So you are finishing the "hot rod" black. Did you do any refinishing/touch ups to the others?

No the others are stock. The sunburst is a Deluxe, the red and the restoration are Standards. They only made them in those three finishes to my knowledge. Still looking for a Custom (intermediate) model to buy, there's a black one on eBay that got no bids, I might ask about it at some point. Steve13 on this forum has a very nice sunburst Custom:




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That's gonna look killer in black.. it looks pretty good right now, in fact. damage and all.


Brian was nice enough to not mention I sent his bigsby and forgot his bridge.


Nice to see how the bridge pole pieces and nut lined up so well.. looks very much spot on in the pic.



but let's see her in black whe you get done!



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Are you going to fill the mini-toggle hole' date=' or put a switch in? And are you re-locating the jack to the edge of the body?[/quote']

Yep, gonna fill the uneeded holes - PUP switch and mini-toggle. I don't need the coil cutter with the Gibsons, they're 2-wire PUPs. If I put some 4-wire PUPs in later, I've got push/pull pots I can use. So far I've filled the bridge holes with dowling and already moved the jack to the edge of the body, with this:




Everything except the input jack can be undone, if necessary.


That's gonna look awesome. StewMac sells a black fretboard stain and you might consider using it to darken the fretboard. (It won't make it black just an even' date=' darker brown.)[/quote']

That's good info, I did not know that. The fretboard looks lighter than it will after some lemon oil - I had to sand out a few gashes the jerkwad who owned it before put in. He tried to fill it with something too. Fortunately, most of if came right out without a lot of effort. ******.

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That hot rod looks tough...... I've had mine for 30 years and I've always wanted to do that. I used to perform with that model but I can't anymore because it's too damn heavy. So with the Bigsby that's got to be what 10 lbs...?

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