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64 SG JR ?


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I recently purchased this SG JR from a guy who had traded his sisters accordian for it when he was 14 and played it for a few years, and it has been under his bed for the last 40 years. It is like new - my question is - what year is it? I can only read the 1st 4 numbers of the serial - they are 9001 - the klusens are metal with no covers - cannot find any date on the electronics - look at the attached photos and any info would be appreciated - SteveIMG_0220.jpgIMG_0219.jpgIMG_0218.jpgIMG_0217.jpgIMG_0216.jpg

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From seeing the neck joint it's safe to say its a late 60's ( late 67, early 68 ) Jr.


If it was a 64 Jr it would have a neck joint like this one that I restored last summer :






Is it possible to get any numbers off of the pots?


If the pots are original CLR 's you'll have 6 numbers on them.

The first three digits ( 137 ) are source or manufacturer code

The fourth and fifth digits will give you the last two digits of the year

The sixth and seventh digit ( 01-52 ) will give you the week of the year.


EX: 1376844


Please bare in mind that sometimes Gibson used to carry over pots to the following year.

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