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Jimmy Page Les Paul Wiring Kit for Les Paul


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Hi everyone;


I was thinking of modifing my Epi Les Paul Ultra original version with JPLP Wiring Kit for Les Paul from stew mac.

I'm sure a few of you have done this mod in the past.

What problems will I have installing the kit.

I have the stock humbuckers.

Will I need to get new pickups?

If so any recomendations?




Joey Metro

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Guest icantbuyafender

youd need 4 conductor wiring so yes, new pups. depends on your preference.


GFS, Seymour Duncan, Duncan Designed (ebay!), Rockfield, Dimarzio etc.

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Yeah my mate done it on his Fake Gibson Les paul. He put in hotslag pickups by irongear as they were very good sounding for a good price.


Its quite complicated but also straight forward if you follow the circuit diagram if you know what i mean.


Very versatile in the end so was worth it.


Yeah you need 4 wire pickups

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Sorry, not going to happen. The Jimmy Page wiring your referring to didn't exist during the time of Led Zeppelin so if that's what you are after it isn't going to happen. For the Zeppelin tone you are after he used his 59 LP with PAFs for the most part, no wiring mods. Here is a very accurate list of Page's gear:







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The Gibson version of the Jimmy Page is very complicated with 4 push-pull pots. Easy to make a few

wiring mistakes and then trying to remember which combo provided your favorite tones.

4 push-pulls = 8 possible combos + tone settings..

here's a link to the Gibson site where some forum members

talk about it and posted the wiring schematic.

Probably better to select a good set of p_ups, and stick with just coil splitting push-pulls

on the tones, or keep the stock wiring.



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Also, regarding the "Jimmy Page" guitar sound, depends if you want the 'live' sound or the 'album' sound. On a great deal of his album work, particularly on guitar solos, he used a Fender Telecaster . . . There's plenty of Les Paul on the albums too, but a lot of the most memorable stuff (for me) was done on a 'Caster

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I remember that Ronny Lane thing they did quite a few years back, and Pagey came out with what looked like a rosewood Telecaster, and played the tune he did for "Death Wish", and he sounded very vintage Led Zeppelin with that particular guitar...

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