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Hey all,


I was going to buy a skin for my Epiphone Standard. Its just a sticker graphic that you can stick on.


Only problem is, the company i wanted to buy from only do stickers for Epiphone SG Specials and not the SG Standard. I just need to know if there is a difference in the shape or size of the body?


I know to the naked eye their bodies appear identicle - i just need to know if there are any very slight difference in measurements etc.



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Welcome to the forum!


I'm guessing by "SG Standard" you mean a G-400?


It's supposed to be ergonomically quite similar to the Gibson '62 SG it's based upon, so maybe a skin for a Gibson would fit the Epiphone (although there are, no doubt, subtle differences).


Looking at pictures of the Epiphone Special on line, it looks a bit closer to the G-310 than the G-400 (in terms of body shape)...but that's just my guess (with bad eyesight).


Epiphone SG Special:





Epiphone G-310:





Epiphone G-400:



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Hmm, you are right, there does look to be subtle differences. Hopefully it will be a near-enough-exact fit. If not, I may be able to precision cut the skin to fit better with a good sharp lance or blade.


By the way, sorry for not being clear - Yes, i did mean the G-400.


Thank you very much for the effort you put into the visually informative reply!


Steve. :P

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Differeneces abound between SGs. Pickguards, knob layouts and so on. The one thing that is common is the basic outline shape which does vary slightly from model to model and even year to year of the same model. I would not assume that a "skin' is suitable for anything but the specific model they sell it for.

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