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Smoothing out the highs


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I put Seymour Duncans hotrodded humbucker set in my LP. The tone is nice and clear but i want to smooth out the highs and darken up the sound. if i add 250k pots for the tone and keep my 500k pots for the volume will that work? the tone pots will be 250k push pulls so i can tap the coils. what do you guys think?

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You can vary the sound of the guitar by changing the tone control capacitor. A higher value cap will cut more highs, a lower value cap will cut less and be more subtle.


On my '06 G400, I recently had new wiring installed, plus I had it rewired so that each control only works with a specific pu. I also had .050 caps put in for volume and tone. I could tell a big difference.

The highs roll off very nicely, and it brings a much darker overall tone to the guitar.

I love it!


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