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re: vox valvetronix or epi valve junior


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I want a stack but obviously its better to get a better amp. So which would you say it better? the epi valve junior 5w with 1 to 2 cabs or a vox valvetronix vt 30 or vt 50 ( still picking between) thanks. oh yea and which would be louder since the vos valvetronix cannot take an external speaker

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I'll probably be severely flogged for what i'm about to say, because a LOT of people here swear by their V-Jr. amps, in the vanilla stock version, all the way to units that have been modded and rodded to a point that if they had wings, they'd surely fly, .......BUT...........


My only experience with a Valve Jr. was a 70 minute playing session, that ended with the head sounding as if a golfball were bouncing around inside it........this was at about 1/3 volume.

I shut it down, let it cool a bit, tried it again, and it had completely burned up !!


Had to return a BRAND NEW amp, after 1 session..........replaced it with a Vox Valvetronix amp,

MUCH more impressive.......great sound........VERY usable amp models and decent, but not perfect effects.

The output cut dial on the back of the Vox also allows for full tube crunch, at lower volumes........a V-Jr. has to be pretty well cranked to breakup.


I now use the Vox, and keep a Marshall combo as a backup.(Because the Vox models a Marshall tube amp, 95%better than a Marshall solid state with tube simulation does.)

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ok..thanks so far but what about the peavey windsor studio 20w tube. The valvetronix is cool and all but i want an amp to build a stack, the vt50 and vt100 the only ones you can add an external cab is too expensive, i think. but the vt 30 is loud enough to play for like 100 people, with only accompanyment by a backing track and effects on that?

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Looks to me as though you need to start doing some homework on a lot of things. You've got this decision narrowed down to a 5 watt amp vs. either a 30 or 50 watt amp? That's like saying "I need a different vehicle to get around in...should I get the Smart Car or the E-350 cargo van?


1) What style of music are you playing?

2) What kind of guitar(s)?

3) Gigging or not?

4) If so, how big are the venues, and how big is your PA?

5) What are you expectations for the amp, in terms of tone, features, portability output, etc?

6) Open back or closed?

7) New or used?

8) Late model or vintage?


You cannot make an informed buying decision until you ask yourself and answer these questions, which will all undoubtly lead to more. Unless you happen to like throwing money away without thought, you're going to want to take some considerable time to put some thought into this.

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the vos valvetronix cannot take an external speaker


External speaker output is available on the VT50 & VT100 models.


I purchased a Vox Valvetronix VT30 three weeks ago and have hardly had it turned off since.


I've not tried the Epi Junior amps so cannot compare the two but i would recommend the Vox Valvetronix series.


Your best bet is to go to your local store and get a demo / try them out.

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The Vox Valvetronix line is definitely a strong contender in today's market. The price vs features and the performance of the amp make it worthy of a look-see. I have played a Vox AD50VT 2x12 for over a year now and it has been totally reliable and a tone monster. I did finally replace it with a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 recently and it, too, is a tone monster, maybe more than the AD50VT. The chief reason that I made the change was for the 12 programmable presets that are available with the Sanpera foot controllers. My AD50VT only had 2 programmable channels and a 2 button foot switch that switched channels and turned on and off whichever effects combo that you had selected on the amp.


I understand that the VTxx line, which was recently introduced has more freatures and more foot switchable programming.

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