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between 4 manufacturer

elleon ricardo

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i have tried the SG standard' date=' and my first impression was they are easy to play, light weight, but i dont hear any

miraculous sound, its good its gibson for sure but its wasnt enough ( YET... ) and i also tried PRS SE Custom ( i know at this point, mira cant be compare with the SE custom but the thing is i cant play mira because i have to seal the deal with the seller first, just to make sure im serious buyer and at the end i have to buy it, whenever i like it or not ~ sighhh ) but all im saying is i like PRS sound but because its SE and the other contender is gibson, SG is my first choice.. [/quote']


To me, the guitar for you is the Gibson SG '61 reissue rather than the standard.


Far better pickups and nicer tone than the standard and still cheaper than the PRS.

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