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Difference between G400 and G400 Deluxe?


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Are there any differences, other than finishes, between the G400 and G400 Deluxe I know the Deluxe is a limted model and has been discontinued I believe, but my local guitar shop has some in stock and they're the same price as a regular G400. I've recently sold my G-310 so my guitar fund has been boosted quite healthily and I'm now in the market for a new toy.


The G400 is available in Cherry and Ebony. The Deluxe comes in Flame Vintage Sunburst, Trans Amber, and Trans Red. Does anyone have a pic of the two Trans finished ones? I have seen the Vintage 'Burst one and it's quite nice, but I'm still undecided.


I'm undecided whether I want to lay that much down on a guitar really. The G400 is $800NZ, which equates to $450US, about $150US more than you'll pay for one over there. It also won't come with a case.


There are a couple of used G400s for sale here which come with a case, one black and one cherry. The black one was built in '04 and is $400NZ including the case. The Cherry one, which I would prefer as one black guitar is difficult enough to keep clean, was built in '07, so it's quite a bit newer, is $550NZ also including a case.


I'd love a brand spanking new guitar, but I'm just not sure I want to completely empty my guitar fund and then have to shell out even more for a case. Thoughts?

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I figured as much. Good looking guitar that Falme Vintage Sunburst. I'm not normally a fan of flame, but I do like it on that SG.


Anyway, I have gone for the used Cherry G400 with case for $550. Still leaves me with some money in my guitar fund which is good. This is it here, but I'll post some more pics when I get it and give it a polish, looks a bit grubby in the pics.

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